2022 Way will you bring?????

I'm so excited it's finally here! Aren't you????

2021 was one for the books and I'm so ready for a change!

Can't wait to be able to get out there more and see more of my loved ones.

I have so many new ideas for photoshoots! new places, new poses and activities, I can't wait to show you!

Also, I'm so grateful and humble to have been able to get certified by Special Kids Photographers of America! the means that now have even more training ( in addition to my 30plus years...) and am even more equiped to work with special kids and families that need a little more understanding, compassion and accommodations.

SO happy to be able to offer this service to the special needs families in my community!

Let's open our hearts and minds to the possibilities that this new year brings and wish every single one of us a healthy and happy new year!

Here is a photo from my recent trip to Joshua Tree National Park - enjoy!